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The only organization supporting private healthcare providers in Romania


PALMED's objectives

The Patronate of Private Medical Service Providers – PALMED is the primary national voice for lobbying and advocacy, the leading advocate supporting private healthcare providers in Romania, and patients’ right to quality medical services at an affordable price. Since its establishment in 2007, PALMED has been at the forefront.

PALMED members represent significant players in the local market and, consequently, in the national economy. Members have a significant geographic presence through their own locations and partner clinics, holding a market share of 26% as of 2019.

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In service of the patient and the business environment

The objectives of PALMED are centered on both members and patients. Among the most important objectives, we find:

  • Promoting fair competition among private healthcare service providers.
  • Ensuring patients have fast access to medical services with a fair quality-to-price ratio.

We promote fair competition within the bounds of the law, with the aim of ensuring equal opportunities for each of our members.

We operate as the primary coordinator and lobbying entity to support private services in Romania.

The provision of information and counseling services to members and authorities, in order to facilitate good governance and accountability of state bodies.

We contribute to the overall improvement of the Romanian healthcare system and its related legislation through the development and promotion of new legislative measures, best practices, procedures, innovative methods, and other relevant information among members, healthcare personnel, authorities, and patients.

Initiating, supporting, and maintaining a consultative, cooperative, and communicative environment in our relationship with authorities, medical and professional organizations, the media, interest communities, and the general public to promote and protect the interests of PALMED members.

Assuring patients that they are empowered with personal choice and have rapid access to healthcare services with a fair quality-to-price ratio.

Protecting and promoting the common objectives of our members, while simultaneously ensuring a competitive environment and providing individualized healthcare services at high-quality standards that meet the needs and preferences of patients.

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