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Peter Latos, EY Romania: The European Private Hospital Awards provide the foundation for driving transformation with the ultimate ambition of providing even better patient care

On May 29th, the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest will host to the 3rd edition of the European Private Hospital Awards. The event, organized by the European Union of Private Hospitals (UEHP) and PALMED – The Romanian Patronate of Private Healthcare Providers – shines light on the innovative practices and unwavering dedication of private healthcare providers across the continent.

For the third consecutive year, EY Romania has partnered with the European Union of Private Hospitals (UEHP) for the evaluation of the projects submitted by private hospitals from all over Europe. EY’s motivation is driven by its commitment to building a better working world.

Peter Latos

Peter Latos, Head of Strategy and Transactions at EY Romania, explains, We believe that private healthcare providers play a critical role in making a difference to the wellbeing of people, communities and the geographies we operate in. This partnership allows EY to recognize and encourage innovative projects that contribute to the development and impact of the private hospital sector.

Transparency, integrity, and fairness are central to EY’s ethos. Peter Latos emphasizes that these principles guide the evaluation process for the awards. Through impartial input on methodology and assessment criteria, we ensure the integrity and fairness of the evaluation process, he states.

Criteria and methodologies

EY employs a unique and multifaceted methodology for assessing applications, focusing on seven key criteria: application, planning and implementation, innovation, patient or employee experience, purpose, results, and future impact. Latos notes that these criteria align closely with the objectives of the European Private Hospital Awards, emphasizing all-round excellence and sustainable practices in the private hospital sector.

Significance of Bucharest Gala

With Bucharest set to host the gala, Latos highlights the significance for the healthcare industry in the region. The awards provide a golden opportunity to shed light on the horizons of healthcare innovation in Europe and draw attention to the advancements made, he explains. Hosting the event in Bucharest facilitates greater networking and cross-border collaboration, ultimately enhancing local healthcare industries.

Broader Impact of Events

Peter Latos reflects on the broader impact of events like the European Private Hospital Awards, emphasizing their role in fostering innovation and collaboration within the healthcare sector, both locally and internationally. These events provide a platform to showcase the impact of innovation on healthcare services, he states. By bringing together healthcare professionals from across Europe, the awards encourage knowledge sharing, relationship building, and future collaboration, driving transformation in patient care.


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