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Romanian medical clinics and hospitals

PALMED (Patronage of Private Medical Services Providers) is considered to be the main national “voice” for lobbying and advocacy in Romania. Since its establishment in 2007, PALMED supports the interest of private providers of medical services in Romania and the patients’ rights to quality medical services at affordable prices.

Currently, the patronage counts 74 members: private clinics and hospitals, medical analysis laboratories, imaging laboratories, dental clinics that are operating in all regions of Romania.

The PALMED mission

Through permanent collaboration and constructive dialogue with all relevant institutions and organizations, PALMED aims to achieve and maintain excellence in medical services for the benefit of the community, with an emphasis on service quality, ethics and high standards of professionalism.

The PALMED values

Trust. Integrity. Transparency. Professionalism. Respect. Unity. Stability

All our actions are predictable and long term, as we aim at building up strong and trustworthy relations with our members  that lead to the achievement of our objectives.

Patient centric

Assuring patients that they are empowered with personal choice and have easy access to healthcare services with a fair quality-price ratio. Also, through developing educational platforms for the general population, our members bring their contribution to education, and improve prevention for the wellbeing of all patients.

Why choose Romania as a medical tourism destination?

  • Romania has a private medical system that can offer high quality medical treatments and surgical interventions for a complete range of medical problems
  • Currently, through a medical network of over 40 private medical clinics and hospitals, we can provide to any foreign patient interested in medical care abroad
  • Access to internationally certified doctors, super specialized in Europe and the US
  • State of the art technologies in all areas of medicine and MRI complex investigations
  • Full range of medical treatments from bariatric surgery, to eye surgery, plastic surgery, microsurgery, orthopedics, oncology, cardiology, neurology, IVF to full mouth rehabilitation, smile makeovers etc.
  • Wellness and spa therapies with mud and spring waters
  • Patient centric care system with 360 integrated experience and 24/7 available medical travel consultants
  • Five stars accommodation and rigorous sanitary protocols