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Cristian Hotoboc, PALMED President: The 2024 EPHA Gala is aiming to foster collaboration, share best practices and celebrate innovation in the private healthcare sector

In anticipation of the forthcoming 2024 European Private Hospital Awards Gala in Bucharest, Cristian Hotoboc, President of PALMED, the Romanian Patronate of Private Hospitals, sheds light on the significance of this esteemed event and its broader implications for the healthcare sector. With a resolute commitment to excellence and innovation, Cristian Hotoboc delineates the motivations behind inviting private European hospitals to Romania and underscores the pivotal role of collaboration and knowledge exchange in advancing healthcare standards across the continent.

Cristian elucidates PALMED’s high expectations for the gala’s third edition, emphasizing the organization’s primary motivation to foster collaboration, share best practices, and celebrate excellence and innovation within the private healthcare sector. By convening representatives from private hospitals across Europe, PALMED seeks to create a dynamic platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and partnership-building, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of healthcare standards across participating countries.

In addressing private hospitals across Europe, Cristian Hotoboc extends a message of recognition and encouragement:

Dear colleagues, I invite you all to showcase your outstanding projects and initiatives that have positively impacted patient care, technology, education, community engagement, management, and overall healthcare service quality. By highlighting the specificities and excellence of the European private healthcare sector, we can once more prove our role in fostering a culture of continuous improvement, promoting best practices, and driving healthy competition for the benefit of patients continent-wide.

Cristian Hotoboc, President of PALMED

Moreover, Cristian accentuates the significance of the Romanian private healthcare sector within the country’s healthcare system. He notes its substantial contribution in providing additional resources, fostering competition, and offering patients diverse healthcare options. PALMED’s endeavors aim to meet the growing demands for quality healthcare services while strengthening collaboration between the public and private sectors, thereby ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable healthcare system for Romania.

In essence, the 2024 European Private Hospital Awards Gala stands as a testament to PALMED’s unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare excellence and innovation, fostering collaboration, and driving positive change within the European healthcare landscape.


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