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Dr. Paul Garassus, UEHP: The European Private Hospital Awards bring together the whole private sector in Europe’s healthcare system

In the heart of Europe, a prestigious event is set to highlight the contributions and innovations of the private hospital sector. The European Private Hospital Awards will take place in May 29th in Bucharest and represents more than just a celebration of achievements. The event promotes excellence and the pivotal role private hospitals play in shaping Europe’s healthcare landscape. Dr. Paul Garassus, President of the European Union of Private Hospitals – UEHP – a prominent figure in the healthcare community, shares insights into the significance of these awards and the impact they hold for hospitals across the continent.

Significance of the European Private Hospital Awards

Dr. Garassus undelines the importance of these awards in unifying the private hospital sector. „Our community of interest and commitment deserves a special place and time to share experiences and best practices,” he emphasizes. Amidst the challenges faced, including the COVID-19 crisis, private hospitals have demonstrated resilience and efficacy in serving the public. The awards serve as a testament to their dedication, shedding light on their invaluable contributions.

Benefits for hospitals and healthcare institutions

Participation in the European Private Hospital Awards offers more than just recognition—it provides a platform for hospitals to showcase their work and inspire others. Dr. Garassus believes it is an opportunity for hospitals to not only share their achievements within the professional community but also to influence European authorities and policymakers with innovative solutions. „This recognition is both a moment of sharing and a demonstration of our strengths and skills,” he affirms.

Call to action for hospitals across Europe

To hospitals contemplating submission, Dr. Garassus extends a compelling invitation: „Join us!” He emphasizes the importance of showcasing talents and initiatives to the broader European healthcare community. The awards serve as a testament to the dedication of healthcare professionals and offer an opportunity for acknowledgment and recognition of their impactful work.

Insights into the Gala in Bucharest

As attendees gather in Bucharest, they can anticipate more than just a ceremony. Dr. Garassus envisions a platform for networking and collaboration, where hospitals can proudly share their achievements and glean inspiration from peers. „Our common strength lies in our daily commitment to serving those in our facilities,” he states. Beyond recognition, the event promises to foster a spirit of camaraderie and professional growth.

It is safe to say that the European Private Hospital Awards stand as a testament to excellence and innovation in the healthcare sector. Dr. Paul Garassus’s words resonate as a call to action, urging hospitals across Europe to embrace this opportunity for recognition, collaboration, and inspiration and submit their projects until April 15th. Details about the event and the awards categories are available on the website: www.europeanprivatehospitalawards.eu


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